Terminal Block
SHREE GADIA ENGG. WORKS was established in the year 1986 for manufacturing JAINSON Brand Rail Mounted Terminal Blocks & Bakelite Strip Connector. The company has been constantly upgrading itself with the ever-growing demands of its valuable customers. Since its establishment, there has been significant improvement in Manufacturing, Quality Control, Packaging & Transportation facilities. These products are also meeting international quality norms and ensure better performance.
Polyamide 6.6 Rail Mounted Terminal Block: Polyamide 6.6 Terminal Blocks provide maximum wiring efficiency and reliability. It has good electrical properties, for low voltage applications. It is resistant to surface discharge with CTI > 600 (IEC-60112). A specially designed flexible foot enables easy mounting & dismounting of terminal from the Din rail with the help of screw driver. Polyamide Terminal Blocks are the most versatile terminals in Control, Automation, Instrumentation and Power Distribution applications. These products conform to International Standard IEC 60947-7-1.
Melamine Rail Mounted Terminal Blocks: Melamine has an excellent resistance to deformation, particular hardness and a very good surface brilliance. It has an optimum dimensional stability and a strong resistance to surface discharge with CTI > 600 (IEC-60112). It does not ignite and gets converted into char form in case of fire. It is abrasion and chemical resistant, waterproof and resists high and low temperatures within the limits of -40 ºC and 130 ºC. Melamine is particularly suited for unfavorable environmental conditions and is preferred for Circuit Breaker Panels, Refineries, Chemical Plants, potentially explosive installations and any other high risk environments in general. These products conform to International Standard IEC 60947-7-1
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